Master Jammer
Jams, jellies and exotic fruit pastas

Master Roaster
Caribbean tradition


Welcome to Pointe-Noire!
We are located in the western part of Guadeloupe (French West Indies). Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and by the volcanic mountains of Basse-Terre, sheltered from the trade winds called “Alizés”, it is a wild nature and most peaceful region, with an agricultural tradition.
Guy Lesueur founded his company in 1958, close to coffee plantations and fruit trees. Since then, his children carried on the family tradition and perpetuated the family know-how.
Guy Lesueur wished to sublimate our senses around a typical exotic breakfast, such is the challenge this lover of his island wanted to achieve; With his temperament as full bodied as his coffee, he created a line of products that always delight the visitors in search of exoticism: GUY LESUEUR coffee and M'AMOUR jams and preserves, all the flavors of our home.


Each year, on our site, we manufacture almost 1.5 million jam jars and fruit paste packs, and many hundreds of thousands of coffee packs. The Products are controlled along the production chain and in our laboratory, by the quality department; analyses are performed on a regular basis to ensure their proper conformity.

Our raw materials are carefully selected, in compliance with our requirement certifications. The exotic fruits (guava, pineapple, banana, mango, and also coconut, tamarind, golden apple or local apricot…) are prepared in a slow cooking, to save a maximum of their flavor.
M’AMOUR Preserves, jams, jellies and fruit pastes are made from the traditional recipes with cane sugar. Guy Lesueur coffee is roasted the West Indian way, then immediately packed for a remarkable freshness.


Are imposed as references in Guadeloupe. Leader for manufacturing jam and fruit paste we are present in, large-scale supermarkets in the French West-Indies, and in Continental France. We also propose a range of products dedicated to restaurants, bakeries professionals; other products are developed for pastry chefs.